Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use Fitbolt if I am not in good shape?

Of course! All the stretches and exercises can be made easier and more difficult by changing/tweaking a few things, which is specified in the instructions for each notification. And nothing is designed to push you outside of your comfort zone, only to get you moving and make you live & feel better! Plus, ANYBODY can benefit from the health, wellness, nutrition, and posture tips & advice!

Won't FitBolt distract me from work?

The platform was designed to be as non-intrusive as possible. You are generally notified by a soft chime and a little notification window in the bottom right of your screen (where supported). If you are busy, go ahead and ignore it, and come back to it later. FitBolt apps include a super easy-to-use set of controls for adjusting the notification timer, and you can pause the countdown if you need to take a break (for lunch, a meeting, etc). Also, with your body being physically engaged throughout the day you will find that your mind becomes similarly stimulated, and sitting at your desk stops being such a monotenous chore... Some people may even see a slight increase in productivity to match the increase in health & wellness that FitBolt provides.

Will I look goofy doing stretches and exercises in my office?

There is a small level of awkwardness when doing a set of jumping jacks or a hamstring stretches in a full office, but is looking goofy in front of your coworkers more important than staying healthy? Once they realize what you are doing, they just might respect you more for understanding the importance of taking care of your body, and want to join in the fun! If you are a shy person, and a notification has an activity that is just too much for you, no worries! Simply click a button to get a new one instead.

Exercise at work!? But won't I get all sweaty and mess up my clothes/hair?

None of the exercises last more than about 60 seconds, and are designed to provide good physical stimulation for your muscles while getting your heart pumping. But nothing is so extreme that you will break out in a sweat, and the only person you have to answer to is yourself, so feel free to do any of the exercises at your own pace. Also as you will see from the instructional images in the notifications, all the movements and stretches can be done in business atire and won't leave you looking like a mess afterwards.

I work in a coprorate environement and can't install browser plugins/apps on my computer.. what now?

The best way to use FitBolt is through one of the browser plugins or desktop app, but in some circumstances that just isn't possible. The FitBolt web app still provides all the same benefits as the other options, it just requires you to leave a browser window open all day, and will run on any modern browser. FitBolt also takes advantage of some awesome technology from Google called "Chrome Frame", which installs on older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer without needing admin priveledges. Chrome Frame allows you to use all the features FitBolt offers, including the soft chime & desktop notification alerts.

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