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How FitBolt integrates with your Fitbit account

We love our Fitbit devices - there is simply no easier way to track you daily movement and other health indicators. We wear our Fitbit Ultras all day every day, and love seeing all the metrics they provide and tracking our progress. Fitbit offers a really slick and easy to use web interface to track all your daily activity, food intake, weight progress, and...well.. pretty much everything!

Here at FitBolt we wanted to see ALL our metrics for better tracking information, and when you use FitBolt throught the day to do exercises and stretches you are burning a small amount of calories each time you perform a notification action. And believe it or not, they add up fast! FitBolt allows you to easily link your Fitbit account to FitBolt, and automatically track the calories burned from each stretch and exercise done throughout the day! Watch the video below for more info, and if you don't own a Fitbit Ultra we highly suggest you purchase one to help achieve your health & wellness goals!

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