FitBolt Plugin & Desktop Version User Guide

Please note that this guide uses screenshots from the FitBolt app for the Pokki desktop platform, however the interface and functionality for the browser plugins is nearly identical and the guide should be easy to follow for all browser plugin platforms.
Sign In

When you first open the app, you will be prompted for your FitBolt Access Key. If you do not have one, you can signup easily at You are only required to enter your access key once, and the app will remember it for you safely and securely, and you will be logged in automatically whenver you use FitBolt.

General Usage

Once signed in, the app will run non-intrusively throughout your workday. You can click the FitBolt icon in your task bar (for the desktop version) or the icon in your browser (for plugins) to open the appw window, and you can click the minimize button or anywhere else on the screen to hide the app. A coundown timer shows how much time remains until your next notification, and buttons exist to allow you to pause the countdown or to get a notification immediately.


When you recieve a notification FitBolt will alert you with a sound chime and a desktop notification (depending on platform and your settings). When you open the app window you will see the new notification, with descriptive info and images. Go ahead and read and act on the notification at your convenience - some require action (like stretches or posture checks) and have a time estimate listed, and some are simply to plant some knowledge in your brain and make you smarter and more aware of your health & wellness.

If you like the notification category, but not the notification itself (for example an exercise that's too goofy, but you still want an exercise), you can get a new notification of the same type by hovering over the notification icon and clicking the 'New Notification' button.

Rating & Stars

After you have finshed with a notification, holding your mouse over the blue ribbon in the upper right displays a very important part of FitBolt. Here you can rate this notification, or star it if you really enjoyed it and wish to remember it later. When you have completed with the notification, you can click the "I'm Done" button to track that you have performed this notification and hide it from view. By starring, rating, and tracking notifications the FitBolt platform will learn your favorite types of notifications and will adapt to your tastes and opinions as you continue to use it! But don't worry, if you don't have time to rate or star notifications, that's ok too! You can just hide it and get back to work until the next notification comes along.


After your first notification, a history icon will appear in the main app window. Clicking this will open a list of all the previous notifications you have recieved during this session. This is great to revisit a notification you enjoyed, to read one you missed, or to share them with coworkers! Clicking on an item opens up the full view for the notification in your browser window, and clicking the back button takes you back to the main app window.

My Dashboard

The main app window has a link on the left to view your dashoard. Clicking this will open FitBolt in your web browser and log you into your dashboard automatically. The dashboard is where you can change your settings, such as notification frequency and type and alert settings. You can also view your FitBolt usage report, link your account to your Fitbit account, change your subscription info, and update your account profile.

A HEALTHIER WORKDAY IS HERE FitBolt is ready to make YOU a healthier and happier person at your desk!
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